Click mouse button to shoot shotgun. 

Task: To make a game where only one button is clicked. 

Team Size: 2 Man development Team.

 Role:  Programming , level design and Artist .                                                                                                               

Software:  Unity 2D , C# Programming , Adobe Illustrator.                                                                                                         

Team Size:  2 Developers.

This Game comes from a Game jam ,the task was to create a Game where only one button Is clicked. This Game has proven to be immersive and entertaining with University peers and lecturers . For this reason we have decided to devlop this game onto a mobile game . The Games development has restarted on the of July 2019 .

New version of the game is playerble on the borwer

The Initial game is downloadable 

Install instructions

Please Unzip file in order order to play game. 


shot gun 4 MB


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Fun game! Made me laugh