A downloadable game for Windows

First Game made on unity ( Second term Game of second year of university)

Task : To create an endless runner . 

Creator : Michael Jaramillo.

Software : Unity 2D , C# 

Note : all art and assets have been created by myself. 

This was my first unity project , my inspiration for this game was “ Rock Paper Scissors”  and endless runners such as “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfer” . I took the Rock paper scissors rules and the mechanics of endless runners where the game gets more quick paced overall testing the players hand to eye co-ordination . 

 A  big learning experience from this project was to create the animation such as rotation using code , as I have done on other games such as “Space X” , The animation is not smooth however I have kept this on to show how I have improved over my projects. 

Install instructions

Please unzip file in order to play game.


Rock Paper Sissors.zip 15 MB

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