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Games Jam Game (FIRST 3D Game)

Role : programming C#. 

Task : To create a 3D game where you the player has to do a task with only one action. 

Team Size : 3 man development team

Software : Unity 2D .

This project took 3 hours to make . The players objective is to pick up the foot found in the middle of the map and use the foot to lour sheep into their pens . Our main inspiration was pied Piper. 

 This was a good learning experience as it was out first 3D project where we learn to never merge scenes together as we lost the snow version of the map and some assets within the map. 

The sheep mechanics are not the best of mechanics however university peers found it entertaining andcompared it to the sims where they act like children with no decision making skills . In this, you’re having fight with the sheep and their physics to get them into the pen.

Install instructions

Please Unzip Fille in order to play game. 


pied piper.zip 16 MB

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