End Of year 2 Game

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Task : To make a game based on something that happened  from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Team Size : 2 Man Development Team.

Role : 1/4 Programming , Artist , Level Design .  VFX . 

Software : Unity 2D , C# 

This game is based on Apollo 11 , where the space men actually went and played golf on the moon. 

The aim of this game was to replicate the moons environment using its gravity of 1.62m/s². Using this gravity we experimented with the environment and used other Golf games as inspiration when it came to obstacles and level layout.  

 This Game was a great experience as I had the chance to experiment with level design by creating props such as jump pads , or moving platforms. I also used other team members  mechanics such as the magnets to experiment how they work and how the can be used . 

Overall The biggest lesson I learn from this game was to make games much easier and player friendly , as we found some players found the game hard . This has been considered in more recent projects. As seen on ‘Space X’  GDD. 

Install instructions

Please Unzip File . Build Found inside file when unzipped. 


Builds.zip 22 MB


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Dope game my man, definitely one of the best ones in the jam


Thank you .it was not , however it was my second unity project . 

That's Good Too ;D i am making game too , that game haves a Pride Theme :D


One of the best game on this game jam , i think this one is the best so far, i'm also submitting a game here . the best part of this game is its design a simple but innovative design and level design nailed it. i'll like to know how you created this game in Unity as i'm also working on unity 2D. all the best and keep having fun!

Yes unity 2D. And thanks a lot.