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Games Jam Game

Task : To make a game where it gradually teaches the player how to play the game . 

Team; Size : 3  man development Team.

Role :  Level Design , VFX . 

Software : Unity 2D , C# 

We used this game to lead the player though a learning experience with both direct instructions and non-direct instructions as well as adding small rewards such as star particles when completing levels . 

 This Game helped us explore level design using both colour pallets , and particle effects without having to make any illustrations. This has been done by representing levels with warm themes with warmer colours (desert theme) and cold levels themes with colder colours and snow particles (Ice theme) . 

 Overall this was a useful game jam as I felt all team members had something to learn from each other and were able to add creative input  using basic mechanics . 

Install instructions

Please unzip file before opening . Build is found within given file.


JumpGame.zip 14 MB

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